Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem. As the neck is a complicated structure, neck pain may result from muscular, skeletal, airway, digestive, cardiac or nerve problems. Pathology in the neck can also create chronic headaches. Once a serious cause of neck pain is eliminated as a possibility, more common problems can be addressed. These include:

  • Muscular tightness and neck muscle strain are two of the most common causes of neck pain

  • Prolonged postures such as chair sitting and couch lying may create strain in the neck

  • Jaw clenching and teeth grinding can be felt as chronic neck tightness

  • Arthritis involves degenerative changes in the spine creating inflammation and pain in the neck

  • Spinal stenosis involves degenerative changes within the spinal canal creating pain, numbness, or weakness in the neck, arms or hands

  • Spinal disc disease creates degenerative changes in the discs of the neck. This affects the nerves of the neck, shoulder, and arms causing pain and or tingling to radiate from the neck or shoulder into the arm and hand


neck pain Relief Treatment Tenets:

Neck Pain Relief Treatment

Neck Pain Relief Treatment

  • Neck pain is not prevented by stretching or strengthening the muscles of the neck

  • The stability and integration of the neck is what protects your neck from harm

  • Therapy for stability is quite different from strength training and stretching


My approach to neck pain treatment Relief begins with a thorough evaluation of your neck and considers:

  • The stability of the neck is dependent on a properly functioning spinal core

  • The spinal core is a complicated series of discs and vertebrae, each with a slightly different function

  • Faulty interactions between vertebrae create excessive strain in the neck and/or referred pain into the head and arms

  • Optimizing interactions between vertebrae stabilizes the neck, providing neck pain relief

Neck pain relief results from improving key relationships within the entire spine, optimizing the function of the neck as it relates to the head, organizing the head and neck with the lower spine and frame. You will receive therapy that involves the whole body, including gentle exercises. The goals are to gently and quickly relieve your neck pain, and to prevent your neck pain from returning. My approach to treating the cause of your neck pain allows for fast and effective neck pain relief, and the results may last indefinitely. The duration of treatment and number of visits will vary depending on your particular issues.


looking for immediate relief? Try this simple, effective exercise for neck pain relief:

Neck pain relief achieved easily and painlessly provided by Lori L. Malkoff, MD

Easing Neck Pain, a session taught by David Zemach-Bersin of the Feldenkrais Institute of New York