Case Study using Feldenkrais and Diet to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

A compelling new short film has just been released detailing the results of a mom with multiple sclerosis and her successful journey to maintain independence using the Feldenkrais Method. Please share this film with those you know who suffer from this disabling disease:

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Self-Awareness in Multple Sclerosis has Implications for Rehabilitation

A new study of self-awareness by Kessler Foundation researchers shows that persons with multiple sclerosis (MS) may be able to improve their self-awareness through task-oriented cognitive rehabilitation: see Multiple Sclerosis and Self Awareness. Improved self awareness leads to improved quality of life and fewer falls and accidents.

The Feldenkrais Method is an excellent modality designed to improve task-oriented cognitive function. Feldenkrais provides lessons to improve a task's efficiency and ease through the use of self-awareness. The result is improved mobility, strength and balance.

Awareness through Movement

Awareness through Movement