What is the difference between Feldenkrais and massage therapy and chiropractic care?

In massage, the therapist is working directly with your muscles and soft tissues. Massages are intended to change your muscle and soft tissue structure. Pain may be experienced and is viewed as normal.

In chiropractic care, the focus is on the bones. Chiropractic adjustments are intended to change the structural relationships between bones. Adjustments can be quick and scary.

Both these approaches are aimed at changing the structure of muscles and the skeleton. In addition, this care is done to the person without any proven capability for lasting change without continuous care.

The Feldenkrais Method works directly with your nervous system to improve your ability to move and live more comfortably. Feldenkrais optimizes human movement through learning. This functional approach allows you to improve despite any structural issues you may have. The care is done with the intention and capacity to teach the body to move more freely and easily. The practitioner moves slowly and painlessly through functional movements ( e.g. reaching, bending, turning). And once learned, function stays forever, without continuous care.

Additionally, Awareness through Movement lessons are verbally-directed (audio) Feldenkrais lessons you can do on your own at home. The convenience and control of "doing for yourself" under the direction of a practitioner will accelerate learning and healing. You will learn for yourself how to move and breathe easily and painlessly.

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