Feldenkrais, neuroplasticity and chronic pain relief

Neuroplasticity is a modern term that refers to our brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. Scientists used to believe that changes in the brain could only take place during infancy and childhood. By adulthood, it was believed that the brain's nerves and structure was permanent. Modern research demonstrates otherwise.  The brain continues to create new neural pathways and alter existing ones in order to adapt to new experiences, learn new information and create new memories as long as we are alive. This is the basis of the Feldenkrais Method's ability to heal chronic pain: learning to adapt in new ways to the same old stimuli and stressors, to create new responses to the same movement questions, and have these new responses become permanent. These new responses create more effective environments for healing those nagging chronic pains we all seem to have. And that is really what we're after: permanent chronic pain relief!!

Feldenkrais, Neuroplasticity and New Discoveries in Chronic Pain

More than 100 million Americans experience chronic pain. And although that’s more than the number of Americans who suffer from heart disease, cancer, or diabetes combined, chronic pain often goes untreated. Chronic pain is distinguished from acute pain in that it lasts for much longer than normally expected, usually over three to six months. 
Until now, the common misconception about pain is that it’s connected to tissue injury. Most people think that unless something’s broken, or torn, or herniated, that you’re not going to have persistent pain. In other words, some sort of damage that you can see or image should exist. We now know that this is not the case. Chronic pain is caused by changes in the brain and the spinal cord and the nerves that go through tissues. Because you can’t tell by looking at someone how much pain they’re in, and people assume that you can, patients with chronic pain face a lot of challenges (from New Discoveries in Chronic Pain Research, retrieved 11/1/13). 
Feldenkrais uses our nervous system's capacity for self-organizing and self-regulating to improve the quality of our actions, a process called neuroplasticity. Improving movement quality allows the body to function more efficiently. This efficiency creates environments for chronic pain to heal, and opportunities for athletes and others to excel. 
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Could you have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Have you injured a toe or a finger, just to have your whole extremity flare up in pain? Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition affecting one of the limbs (arms, legs, hands, or feet), almost always after an injury or trauma to that limb.  CRPS is believed to be caused by damage to the nervous system, and is defined by prolonged or excessive pain, and changes in skin color, temperature, and/or swelling in the affected area.

Currently there is no single medical test to confirm CRPS. Its diagnosis is based on your medical history, signs and symptoms. No one treatment for CRPS has gained popularity, although physical rehabilitation is recommended.

The Feldenkrais Method is a modern approach to CRPS pain relief without drugs, surgery, or injection. I have treated dozens of people with this problem and had excellent results. Sick of your chronic regional pain? Consider the Feldenkrais Method to treat your CRPS comfortably and easily. 

Feldenkrais gives pain relief after car accident

Some people suffer serious long-term effects from motor vehicle accidents: the pain from the accident never seems to go away. I recently saw a middle-aged woman involved in a terrible car accident 7 years ago. The entire left side of her body never fully recovered. She had neck pain, upper back and lower back pain on the left side of her body, with radiating pain into her left arm and left leg. And while she was able to function quite normally, and drive again, she was plagued by her pain day and night.

Using the Feldenkrais Method exclusively for treatment, this woman's pain resolved in its entirety by her fourth visit, over a two week time frame. It took 2 weeks to resolve a problem that she had suffered with for years. 

Have you been involved in an injury or accident and continue to suffer the consequences? This story could be about you! Call me today for a free phone consultation and see what the Feldenkrais Method can do for your chronic pain: 760-436-2403.