Using Your flexible brain to Relieve Pain


Your brain has a fantastic ability to physically change itself when faced with a new and challenging experience. This ability is called neuroplasticity. Living in chronic pain definitely fits this description. 

As our brains develop, neural pathways change. Less-used pathways are pruned away while pathways you use regularly grow stronger. Athletes have some of the strongest pathways, as do those who live in a state of constant fear. And every action you do, every thought you think, every emotion you feel, relies on and strengthens a specific neural pathway. And, more importantly, we all develop a specific way of using ourselves dependent on these actions, emotions, fears, thoughts, and even the chronic pain we experience. 

Neuroplasticity is your brain's ability to create new neural pathways and reshape existing ones, even as an adult. New pathways equate to changes in thoughts, behavior and patterns of action. Your brain makes these small changes naturally throughout your lifetime. But when neuroplasticity's potential is thoughtfully and methodically explored, this reorganization can make your brain faster and more efficient at performing all kinds of things, from perceiving to understanding, and even to moving without pain. These more efficient, effortless movements create environments within which chronic pain and injuries are finally able to heal.

Using the approach of Lori Malkoff, MD you will learn, from the beginning of your first session, to mindfully use your brain's ability to relieve chronic pain.  Each treatment reorganizes the way the parts of your body work together, enabling you to feel and perform free and easy movements without the usual pain you've experienced in the past. The results can be remarkable. Most people obtain substantial pain relief from their very first session.  Visit me at Lori L. Malkoff, MD and envision your life pain free, and full of potential!