Being pregnant is challenging. I would like to show you how to increase your energy and improve your quality of life, while helping you adjust to the common side effects occurring through each stage of your pregnancy. You will be amazed at the ease with which you’ll be able to do everything you'd like by moving more freely throughout the day.

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain with pregnancy is very common. Some of the most frequent causes include:

  • During pregnancy the belly is expanding, the bones of the pelvis are softening and widening, and the organs have shift to accommodate your growing child. These changes put pressure on the back resulting in fatigued muscles and back pain
  • The average weight gain during pregnancy of 25 to 30 pounds can strain the back muscles in their effort to support the added weight
  •  A change in your center of gravity shifts the alignment of your spine, exhausting back muscles and causing them to fatigue faster. Tired muscles are often painful muscles

To achieve relief from back pain with pregnancy one must understand:

  • Back pain is not prevented by the strengthening of the muscles of the back
  • The stability of the back rather than the strength of the back prevents your back from harm
  • Therapy for stability is quite different from strength training


My approach to back pain during pregnancy begins with a thorough evaluation of your spinal core and pelvis and considers:

  • The stability of the back and spinal core is affected by a softening and widening pelvis and a change in the center of gravity
  • The spinal core is a complicated series of discs and vertebrae, each with a slightly different function
  • Faulty interactions between vertebrae due to weight gain and hormonal changes create excessive strain in the back
  • Optimizing interactions between vertebrae stabilizes the back, alleviating back pain with pregnancy

My approach can help reduce your pain and discomfort while providing an overall healthier pregnancy. I will teach you simple movements that make everyday tasks such as getting up and down, sitting, sleeping, rolling over in bed, and breathing much easier. A modern, safe and innovative approach to movement that helps to alleviate your pain during pregnancy by teaching you to use and move your body in more effective and efficient ways. The movements you will learn are completely safe for both you and your baby during all stages of pregnancy. In fact, it’s been proven that reduced pain can lead to a happier, healthier overall pregnancy experience


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